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, chaos in los angeles international airport. a gunman opens fire, storming the terminal. hundreds running for their lives, hiding under benches, fleeing on to the tarmac. at least one tsa officer is dead. multiple others, injured. new pictures coming in now, including a weapon at the scene. face-to-face with the shooter. we'll speak live to a witness who saw the gunman inside the airport. he calls the scene mass pandemonium. who is this suspect? breaking details from law enforcement sources on the ground and here in washington about a possible motive. i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is a "situation room" special report, shooting at l.a.x. >>> you're looking at live pictures from los angeles inrn are on the scene at this hour. the investigation, an intense investigation, is certainly under way. they are trying to piece together what happened when police say a man pulled an assault rifle from a bag and began shooting -- a shooting rampage at a security checkpoint. this was the scene inside the airport. crowds of people taking
up here in the east. we are going to begin in los angeles. you need to watch this story. the widow of the tsa officer killed in the brutal attack at l.a.x. speaking out. listen. >> hello, everybody. thank you for coming out. i know you have been waiting for a statement from the family. thank you for respecting the fact we are hurting. my husband passed away. here is a statement. he was born and moved to the united states at the age of 15. he graduated from high school. we met in 1994 when i was 16 and he was 19 and have been together ever since. we married on valentine's day in 1998 and had two beautiful children. he worked for the tsa organization since 2010. he was a security officer. he was always excited to go to work and enjoy the passengers at l.a.x. he was a joyful person, always smiling and took pride in his duty to the american public. he was a great man who always showed his love for our family. he was always there to help anyone in need and always made people laugh with his wonderful sense of humor. he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son and friend. he would ha
details on the deadly rampage at the los angeles international airport. police may have been just minutes away from preventing the shooting. should tsa officers now be armed? i will ask california senator dianne feinstein. >>> also, are the 2016 battle lines being drawn? chris christie may be heading for a big win that could boost his white house chances as an influential center. it falls on hillary clinton to launch her own run. >>> and four years after political opposition fueled his plans to try them in new york city, attorney general eric holder says they would be on death row right now. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> right now, we're learning much more about the bloody shooting rampage at los angeles airport that sent panicked passengers fleeing for their lives, left a tsa officer dead and three more victims wounded. now there's a brand new push by the union that represents tsa officers to give them law enforcement status, in other words, guns and arrest powers to protect themselves and the public. meantime, the suspect, who allegedly targeted the tsa, remains
as this controversy exploded. martin is in los angeles. it's not clear if that's why incognito may have gone there. let's bring in john zarrella outside the dolphins facility. we actually learned more about the bullying allegation today, john? >> reporter: that's absolutely true, brianna. in fact the new allegations indicate there may have been more than one player involved, and that martin befriended the players harassing him, in the hopes they would stop, and that the harassment lasted a season and a half. that's about the entirety of his time with the dolphins. jonathan martin's alleged bullies was not, his attorney says, one volley voice mailed laced with profanity and a racial slur, quote, by a teammate and daily vulgar comments. it does not specifically name richie incog anio or any other players and gives for details of the physical attacks, but it does meant, a quote that threatened sexually brutal harm to martin's sister. we reached on the to incog anio 'camp for a response, but have not -- dolphin players have maintained they had no idea. >> it's really surprising, kind of mind-blowing t
. robert eichis at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles, at least until january 1st when his bill go up. >> i know if i go see him, it's completely out of network and it does not apply against my deductible. so it's really out of network, almost in another orbit. >> reporter: the new obama care compliant plan being offered by harris' current health insurance company will actually cost him $5 a month less but he and four of harris' five doctors are no longer in that network. >> i've had patients come to me saying please do whatever you need to do, because i don't know if i will be able to come back to see you after december 31st. >> reporter: he says 10% of his patients now must either find new doctors or pay steep out of pocket costs. >> it's mind-numbing. it's mind-numbing. >> reporter: even for dr. eitchis, less than six weeks before obama care takes effect, he still doesn't know which if any insurance plans he will accept. he's already stopped taking medicare. >> i may think about not taking any insurance at all. i have a lot of patients who have been seeing me for over 20 years a
kills a tsa officer at the los angeles international airport. every time we turn on our tvs, it seems there's more breaking news coverage of a high profile shooting. is this the new normal in america, this trend of people wanting to go out in a blaze of glory? >> it's not the new normal. since the 1980s, we have seen crimes exactly like this, angry psychotic depressed young men, mentally ill, haven't been treated, with a triggering event that causes them to immerse into rage want to go out in a blaze of glory. >> reporter: criminal psychologist alan littman says often at the peak of that range, these people have easy access to the deadliest weapons. collectively it's put america on edge. in connecticut, a student's halloween costume put a college campus on lockdown for hours. in california, a sheriff's deputy mistakenly shot and killed a teenager who carried a fake assault rifle. even an overnight break-in at a colorado middle school with the perpetrators brandishing bebe guns prompted police to surround the building. >> we're jumpy because the impression has been created by interest
questions, cnn, los angeles. >>> that's it for me. "the situation room" continues in just a moment with my colleague jake tapper. >>> breaking news, george zimmerman arrested again. he's now facing new charges, allegedly involves a gun. >>> plus the heartland hammered by a tornado assault. cnn is live at the disaster area, bringing you very personal stories of survival and of loss. >>> and toronto's crack-smoking mayor stripped of his power just a short while ago. he's talking to cnn, and still sounding defiant. >> i'm not an addict. i'm not an alcoholic. i'm not a drug addict. >>> wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jake tapper. you are in "the situation room." glue we begin with the breaking news. george zimmerman's new brush with the law. the man who walked free from his trial in the death of trayvon martin arrested, jailed, and charged once again. cnn's elena ma chaddo is following this story for us. >> reporter: george zimmerman is facing a felony count of aggravated assault and two misdemeanors stemming from an incident at the home he shared with his girlfriend. the seminole county sherif
after so much pain. randi kaye, cnn, los angeles. >>> happening now, a "the situation room" special report. jfk 50 years later. americans are remembering where they were and what we lost on this day a half century ago. stand by for new tribute, and new insights into his life, hi death and his president sell. we'll go live to dallas to an unprecedented ceremony marking the assassination. the city now coming to grips with the dark place in history. >>> the imaginist and the myths of camelot. we'll discuss the civet such of jfk's presidency and the question -- what if he had lived? i'm wolf blitzer you're in "the situation room." y you. >>> new evident of his enduring legacy. jfk's last surviving sibling, 5-year-old jean kennedy smith placed a wreath on his grave today, another reith laid in his home state of mike galanos by the governor. over at the white house, president obama ordered flags to fly at half-staff. in dallas, a moment of silence at the time and place where that fatal bullet hit. cnn's john king is joining us live from dallas. john, set the scene for us. what was this da
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8